Leadership race live: John Major weighs in on contest

John Major accused some candidates of 'hypocrisy'

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Three MPs have failed to get the necessary backing of fellow MPs and have been eliminated from the leadership race. 

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16.30 - Sir John Major: Proroguing Parliament 'hypocrisy on a gold-plated stand'

Sir John Major has been scathing of suggestions the incoming Prime Minister could suspend Parliament to prevent it blocking a no-deal Brexit.

The former Conservative Prime Minister said anyone even considering this was guilty of "hypocrisy on a gold-plated stand".

"I don’t think anybody who proposes that, or even lets it flit through their mind for a second, has any understanding of what parliament is about, what sovereignty is about, what leadership is about or what the United Kingdom is about," he said.

Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab have both said they would consider proroguing Parliament if there's no agreement by October 31.


14.30 - Rory Stewart: 'It's me against Boris'

Rory Stewart has called his seventh place result in the leadership vote "amazing" and a clear sign "it's me against Boris".

He only managed 19 votes in the first round, from a possible 313.

However he used figures showing the difference in votes between initial declarations and actual voting to propel him into second place.

In a tweet he said: "This is amazing - we’re getting some real momentum here. Thank you so, so much. Let’s push this through to the end. It’s increasingly clear it’s me against Boris. And let’s win."

Jeremy Hunt announced that he was "delighted" to come second in the vote count behind Boris Johnson.

In a thinly-veiled jibe at Mr Johnson he said "this serious moment calls for a serious leader."


13.00 - McVey, Leadsom and Harper out

Three MPs have been eliminated in the first round of the Conservative leadership race.

Esther McVey, Mark Harper and Andrea Leadsom all failed to get 17 votes - the required number to remain in the contest.

There are now seven leadership hopefuls left in the race.

They are; Michael Gove, Matt Hancock, Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, Boris Johnson, Rory Stewart and Dominic Raab.

The full results were:

- Boris Johnson: 114 votes

- Jeremy Hunt - 43 votes 

- Michael Gove: 37 votes

- Dominic Raab: 27 votes

- Sajid Javid: 23 votes

- Matt Hancock: 20 votes

- Rory Stewart: 19 votes

- Andrea Leadsom: 11 votes

- Mark Harper: 10 votes

- Esther McVey: 9 votes


11.00 - Selfies with "good friends"

Candidate Andrea Leadsom shared a selfie with fellow leadership hopefuls and "good friends" Rory Stewart and Esther McVey outside the committee room where MPs are voting.

Boris Johnson went in and out without saying anything to reporters.

Michael Gove said he was feeling confident and voted for "the best candidate".


10.00 - Voting underway

Tory MPs are now voting in a secret ballot for who they want to be the next party leader.

At least one candidate will leave the race today.

Under Conservative rules, even if all the candidates meet the target of 17 votes, the one with the lowest number of votes overall will still have to exit the race.


07.30 - Tory MPs to vote for their next leader

The 10 leadership candidates will need to secure at least 17 votes from their colleagues today in order to stay in the leadership race.

The ballot will commence at 10am, with a result expected at around 1pm this afternoon.

Any candidate that fails to secure the backing of 17 fellow MPs will be eliminated from the process.

More ballots will be held next week in order to further whittle down the contenders.