'Leaked Brexit memo' only reinforces case for MPs' Article 50 debate, says leading Remainer

Brexit memo: 'The government should articulate what it wants to achieve', says Open Britain

A leaked memo claims the government has no overall plan for Brexit

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The 'leaked Brexit memo' which has made national headlines this morning only reinforces the case for a Parliamentary debate, according to the co-director of pro-Remain group Open Britain.

The memo suggests the government has no overall plan for Brexit, claiming Whitehall is working on 500 Brexit projects and may need 30,000 extra staff.

The Government has said it doesn't recognise the memo and it now appears the document was written by a consultant at Deloitte; indeed pro-Leave MP Dominic Raab described the memo as a "masterpiece in self-publicity" by the professional services group on Julia Hartley-Brewer's show earlier this morning.

However Open Britain's James McGrory, appearing after Mr Raab, told Julia the memo "underlines the complexity that the Government faces."

McGrory said that, while he doesn't blame Theresa May for not having all the answers to the Brexit conundrum right now, it's "reasonable to say the government should articulate what it wants to achieve at the start of this process" and Parliament should be involved in the debate about decisions which are to be made and "have a genuine debate."

McGrory and Julia also got into a debate about the growth of the economy; listen to the full interview above