At least 38 dead in string of bombings across Syria

A woman walks past wreckage in Kobani, one of the focal points of the Syrian conflict. Syria has witnessed almost daily violence since conflict broke out in 2011

Syria has been blighted by daily violence for over five years

Monday, September 5, 2016

A series of bombings across Syria have killed at least 38 people, according to state media cited by the Associated Press.

Explosions hit the cities of Tartous and Homs, both of which are controlled by the Syrian government, as well as a rural location outside Damascus and Hasaka, which is controlled by Kurdish forces.

Two bombs were detonated at the entrance to Tartus, along the international coastal highway, according to Syrian state media cited by the Associated Press. An initial car bomb was followed by a suicide bomb, which ripped into the crowd who had gathered to witness the aftermath of the first blast.

Tartus is a busy port city and Russia, Syria's ally, maintains a naval base there.

A car bomb struck a military checkpoint in the city of Homs, according to the regional governor, while a motorcycle was blown up at a roundabout in Hasaka.

Isis has claimed responsibility for the bombing in Hasaka, publishing a statement on its Amaq news agency. It is not yet confirmed whether the group has claimed responsibility for all the bombings.

The attacks are just the latest bombings to hit Syria, which has been blighted by daily bloodshed since civil war erupted in the country five years ago.