At least five mass graves exist in Myanmar, say refugees

Rohingya refugees claim at least five mass graves exist in Myanmar

Rohingya refugees are currently in Bangladesh camps

Thursday, February 1, 2018

At least five Rohingya mass graves are thought to exist in Myanmar, after refugees in neighbouring Bangladesh spoke to The Associated Press.

More than 20 refugees have given accounts of mass graves and also provided mobile phone videos.

Some of the graves are thought to be situated in the village of Gu Dar Pyin, but access to the area has now been cut off by the authorities.

Satellite images appear to show homes which have been burned down and the village completely destroyed.

Those from the village believe there could have been as many as 400 people killed, based on information passed between refugees. 

Some of those who survived have bullet wounds and claim the soldiers that conducted the attack had planned to deliberately cover up the incident.

Refugees claim the soldiers were armed knives, rifles, grenades and rocket launchers, but also shovels and acid so bodies could be buried and unidentifiable.

Survivors claim around 200 soldiers attacked the village, but the government in Myanmar has claimed it has not massacred the Rohingya people and there is only one mass grave, which contains the bodies of 10 terrorists.