At least one in 100 Britons are potentially transgender, charity trustee tells Julia

Hayden Cross: 'People need to accept nature is varied', says charity trustee

Hayden Cross (Credit: Twitter ‏@yespunjab)

Monday, January 9, 2017

At least one in 100 people in the UK are potentially transgender, according to a prominent LGBT activist.

Bernard Reed made the claim to Julia Hartley-Brewer after news broke that 20-year-old Hayden Cross from Gloucester, who was originally born female and is currently undergoing gender reassignment, is four months pregnant.

Cross decided decided to halt his gender reassignment in order to give birth, having found a sperm donor on Facebook. Once the baby is born, he will complete his transition to become a man. 

Reed, a trustee of the Gender Identity Research and Education Society who has been awarded an OBE for his activism, said cases such as Cross's are becoming ever more common and people need to start being more open.

He said: “Nature is varied, there isn’t a clear all male or female composition. This is something that people need to accept.

“Trans isn’t rare, there’s a substantial number of people in the UK who are either severely or slightly gender-variant. It’s at least one in a hundred people."

The interview took a slightly frosty turn after our presenter questioned Mr. Reed about the statistics, claiming the 1-in-100 figure is remarkably high - prompting Reed to suggest she hadn't looked at the figures closely enough.

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