Leave Means Leave’s Richard Tice: ‘MPs should be working harder’ to get Brexit done

Leave Means Leave’s Richard Tice: ‘MPs should be working harder’ to get Brexit done

Richard Tice, co-founder of Leave Means Leave has told MPs to 'work harder'.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Richard Tice, co-founder of Leave Means Leave has said that MPs should be “working harder” to ensure the UK leaves the European Union on March 29 this year.

He told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I think there is a growing sense of angry and that would likely manifest itself if MPs try to deal it or stop it.

“We would be in totally unchartered territory and MPs should be working harder – 24/7- to get it done and get it through so that we can look forward to a much brighter future.”

Two cross-party groups of MPs are planning to table amendments to enable backbenchers to take control of the business of the House to delay or frustrate Theresa May's Brexit plans.

One amendment is set to block a no-deal Brexit, whilst another led by MP Dominic Grieve looks to suspend the Article 50 withdrawal process.


'Totally undemocratic' 

Mr Tice demanded that if Article 50 was extended, MPs guaranteed that the UK was involved in the European elections in May.

“We have all seen what has been happening in recent weeks and frankly, our Plan A, B and C, is that we should leave on March 29,” he said.

“But backbench MPs are trying to take control from the government of the parliamentary timetable and if they do that, it is quite clear that they are going to be looking to extend Article 50.

“Our concern is that if that happens, very quickly we are into the European elections that will take place across the whole of Europe in May.

“Already you have got Brussels and MPs in the Commons saying that if we extended Article 50 we would not have to have the European elections in this country.

“Clearly that is totally inappropriate, totally undemocratic and we need to fight to make sure we would fight those elections.”

Mr Tice described calls for a second referendum as “totally undemocratic”.

He added: “Have no doubt at all that people are obviously appalled at the idea and it would be totally undemocratic but if it does happen we are ready and people are gearing up.

“We have been fundraising, taking on new staff and looking at strategies. We have great people offering to help and we will be ready for whatever comes down the tracks.”