Leeds 'legal' red-light zone is ‘spilling out into residential areas’ as used needles and condoms are found near schools, says local reporter

Leeds legal red-light zone is ‘spilling out into residential areas’, says local reporter

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Leeds Live reporter Kristian Johnson has said that residential areas are being left with used condoms and needles on the streets because the “managed” red-light zones are not being managed effectively enough.

In the same area, which allows for sex work without the fear of arrest, a grandmother was approached by a man who asked to have an “hour alone” with her four-month-old grandson and she pushed his pushchair down the street.



Mr Johnson told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham: “In one case, we walked around the back of a school and there were used condoms, and this isn’t in the managed approach.

“This is a residential street and outside the zone that was established in the first place.

“It shows that it is not being managed effectively and it is spilling out into massive areas.”


'Dumped on their doorstep' 

Watch: Sex worker Catherine Stephens discusses the Leeds 'managed zone' with Mike Graham 

The “managed zone” was set up four years ago, intending to make the area safer for the sex workers.

Campaign group Save Our Eyes has been compiling incidents similar to those experienced by the grandmother, and is calling for the scheme to be scrapped. 

Mr Johnson said zone has now “leaked out” and leaves residents feeling the council has no “regard for them.

“I think the main gripe from the residents is that the managed zone is not managed as effectively as was first laid out by the council,” he said.



“The area is around some industrial units, which is where the zone was essentially meant to be.

“The residents have told stories of prostitutes coming out onto residential streets, used condoms, used needles because there are issues with drugs around prostitution, so much has leaked out and is finding its way onto residential streets.

“It is even outside Primary schools as well.”

He added: “The residents feel that it has just been dumped on their doorsteps and left there without any regard for them at all.”