Legal executive was caught stealing, so changed her name to con three more companies

Legal executive was caught stealing, so changed her name to con three more companies

Frances Bernadette Grant has been jailed for five years (Stock image)

Friday, May 26, 2017

A legal executive was caught stealing so decided to change her name by deed poll to con three companies, a court heard.

Oonagh Grant was caught in 2011 having taken more than £63,000 from customer accounts of law firm Louis Manches LLP over three years.

She was earning £82,000 a year, but transferred the money into her father's account, according to Court News UK.

At the time Southwark Crown Court heard that she was the sole carer for her father, husband and three children, so was not given a prison sentence.

But in 2013, she changed her name to Frances Bernadette Grant and whilst working for a Lewisham law firm as a self-employed mortgage conveyancer, stole £28,000.

She was sacked after being caught, but was then taken on as a conveyancer by another firm in Bromley. There she stole £223,950 and then resigned.

In December 2015 the woman was arrested and released on bail, with the condition that she should not work for a law firm again.

But she went on to work for a legal company in Reading and stole again from company money.

She was arrested in October and kept in custody, but in November was granted bail, However, the woman then didn't go to a subsequent hearing.

Instead she showed a letter claiming to be from her GP, but this was discovered to be fake, so she was arrested again and put in custody on January 15.

She has now been jailed for five years, after admitting to three counts of dishonestly failing to disclose information for personal gain or to expose others to loss and three counts of fraud by false representation.