Legislation to trigger December 12 election becomes law

Boris Johnson's election Bill has become law

Thursday, October 31, 2019

The legislation that triggers an early general election on December 12 has become law after receiving Royal Assent.

Boris Johnson’s Early Parliamentary General Election Bill passed through the House of Commons on Tuesday and was cleared by the House of Lords last night.

Lords leader, Baroness Evans of Bowes Park, said an election "presents a chance to resolve the impasse this country has endured for too long".

She added: "Having an election will allow us to all put our cases to the public, gives them the opportunity to decide how they want to move forward, and to ensure the new government has time to act before January 31 2020."

The Bill was officially made law this evening, meaning Parliament will be dissolved on November 6 and the UK will head to the polling station on December 12.

It will be the third general election in four and a half years and the first December election since 1923.

The Prime Minister tabled the motion for an early poll in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock.

Britain was supposed to leave the European Union today but its departure was again delayed after Brussels granted a three-month “flextension” until the new year.

Mr Johnson has now vowed to deliver Brexit by the new departure deadline on January 31 at “the absolute latest” if the Conservatives win the upcoming election.

He said: “If you vote for us and we get our programme through - which we will because it's oven ready, it's there to go - then we can be out at the absolute latest by January next year.”

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn said the failure deliver the referendum result was Boris Johnson’s alone.

The Labour leader kicked off the party’s election campaign in a speech today, promising that it will be the “most ambitious and radical” the country had ever seen.

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