Legs-it: Baroness Jenny Jones blasts 'outrageously sexist' Daily Mail over headline

The Daily Mail has caused yet more controversy with its latest headline

The Daily Mail headline has caused uproar

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Baroness Jenny Jones has blasted the Daily Mail over its controversial 'Legs-it' headline. 

The front page of the paper showed a picture of the Scottish First Minister and the Prime Minister, accompanied by the line: 'Forget About Brexit, Who Won Legs-it?'

The headline has resulted in an online backlash on Twitter, with 'Legs-it' trending on the social network. 

Baroness Jenny Jones, a Green Party peer in the House of Lords and former deputy Mayor of London, condemned the paper for its decision.

She told James Max: "Perhaps whoever set up the photograph was wrong, but that doesn’t excuse the Daily Mail, who I think has been outrageously sexist [sic]. 

"The Mail likes to make a fuss and it’s ramped up this headline, and the article is as ridiculous as the headline.

"I used to think the solution to sexism was getting women into the top jobs, but that doesn’t seem true anymore. Somehow there’s got to be more education and egalitarian access.

"But if the Daily Mail can employ writers who can write this sort of stuff, then I’m at a loss."