Len Goodman on Strictly, stardom and spaghetti

Len Goodman on Strictly Come Dancing and trying new foods

Len is a recent convert to 'foreign muck'

Friday, June 17, 2016

Len Goodman has spoken of his rise to fame on Strictly Come Dancing. 

A professional ballroom dancer aged 19, Len has seen his career go from strength to strength.

"I was plucked from obscurity," he told Yasmeen Khan. "I was running a small dance school in Dartford when I got a call in 2004 about what I thought was going to be a silly little show.

"Along I went, got the job... still doing it 12 years later and now doing it in America! They do it twice a year and they've just finished series 22.

"It's incredible. Who would have thought it?"

The star said the show had changed views of ballroom dancing. 

"I think it [public perception] has changed. What was wonderful with Strictly is, it made so many people see so many benefits from it. 

"It keeps you fit, you can do it with your wife or partner, and it's revolutionised dance schools."

He's had a varied life – but would you believe Len only recently discovered the glory of curry and spaghetti?

"My granddad and grandmother used to say 'don't eat all the foreign muck'," he explained. "People don't believe me, but until I did a show with Ainsley Harriott, I'd never had spaghetti.

"It really opened my eyes as how tasty and delicious so many different foods are. I've had curries, Italian food, deli...I've been sorted out with my taste buds!"