'Let's get more men in the classroom!' says education secretary


Monday, January 28, 2019

The education secretary has called for more men to become primary school teachers, as figures show that just 14 per cent of the early years and primary school workforce is male.

Damian Hinds appeared on the breakfast show to discuss comments he made that teachers work too many hours, as well as a government campaign to encourage more individuals into teaching.


"Let's get more men in the classroom! We need role models, we need leaders from all walks of life, also a more ethnically diverse leadership set in education," Mr Hinds told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"More men in primary schools is a good thing to aim for."


'Kids aren't horrible -  kids are great'

Education secretary Damian Hinds. Image: Getty

The politician added that aspiring teachers should not be put off by the idea that children are "horrible".

"Kids aren't horrible - kids are great," Mr Hinds said. "The best thing about teaching is working with kids, and the best thing about my job is working with kids."

He added: "Behaviour and classroom management is a really important thing for teachers, and it puts people off going into teaching not knowing if they're able to manage behaviour."