Let's stop self-harming by obsessing over guilt and listen to Donald Trump, says Douglas Murray

'Let's stop self-harming by obsessing over guilt and listen to Donald Trump'

Donald Trump gave a speech in Warsaw, Poland

Friday, July 7, 2017

Controversial author Douglas Murray has told Britain to stop "self-harming" by obsessing about the country's historical guilt - and start treating Donald Trump with more respect.

Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, has been heavily criticised for his hardline views on Islam and multiculturalism, and he was on typically outspoken form while talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer about Trump's speech in Poland yesterday.

Trump spoke at length about a range of issues, from Poland's role in World War II to the threat posed by North Korea, and suggested the future of Western civilisation is at stake. However much of the media focus has fallen on his 'non-handshake' with the Polish First Lady.

Murray believes this is just another example of people's blurred focus, and our desire to focus on trivialities rather than genuine issues.

"When we should be talking about everything that matters we distract ourselves with these stupid, childish memes," he told Julia.

"If you wanted any demonstration of [why Trump is angry with the media], look at some headlines on the internet of his speech in Poland.

"They cover a handshake that didn’t quite happen between the Polish First Lady and the President."

Murray has previously written extensively about the corrosive guilt Britain feels for its imperial past, and he reiterated these concerns on Julia's show.

"A friend of mine from Poland...she said 'you seem to be having a minute's silence every other day in this country,'" he said.

"What is it about ourselves that we’ve become this sort of morose mournful people? Anytime anything happens that’s bad, all that happens is politicians say 'keep calm and carry on.' This country didn’t help defeat Nazis simply by keeping calm and carrying on.

"Why, first of all, is the only part of hereditary guilt we still believe in our own? we never go round the world blaming everyone else

"When does this stop? If this is actually a punishment for our past, and that we amazingly are the only people in the world who’ve ever done anything wrong...when is the point at which the punishment of ourselves stops?

"When you obsess about this, when you can't see the good yourself, we’re like a teenager that self-harms and that’s why I think Donald Trump is absolutely right in saying 'let’s remember what we’ve actually brought, not just ourselves but the world.'"

Turning to migration, Murray said "It is a one-way [system]  and it is deeply flattering. The world does not try to move to Saudi Arabia.

"That is not a coincidence, it is because we have created these freedoms and many, many things that go with it here.

"In 2015 Angela Merkel opens the borders of Europe, 2% of the population is added in a single year alone to Germany. [Then] Bill Gates says 'we in America should take equivalent numbers of people in.'

"[Now] Bill Gates...gives an interview to a German paper where he said 'you’ve got to stop it.' This is very very important - people who are described as nutty right wingers who are noticing it, it’s people of every imaginable."

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