Letter sent by a scout to himself 60 years ago finally arrives - 20 years after recipient’s death

Letter sent 60 years ago finally arrives, 20 years after recipient’s death

A letter has finally arrived after 60 years

Friday, December 16, 2016

A letter that a scout sent to himself has finally arrived, after nearly 60 years.

Unfortunately it's 20 years too late, as William Knight passed away in 1996.

Knight apparently sent the letter to himself from the Jubilee Jamboree, in order to complete his stamp-collecting badge. The letter has finally turned up - at the former home of Knight's sister, Mary Bristow.

Neighbour John Richardson said that Knight "went to a convention in Sutton Coldfield in 1957 and while he was there he must have posted himself this 'first day cover', and it arrived last week after 59 years, through the letterbox with rest of the post."

However oddly, Bristow doesn't remember her brother ever complaining about a lost stamp, despite him being an avid stamp collector.

She said: "I was really quite excited, to think that there was something of my brother's still out there."