A-Level Results 2016: Try your luck at A-level bingo

Try your hand at playing A-level bingo
Opening results live on air
Beaming twins
Students jumping
Record-breaking statistics
Debate on dumbing down
Comparing boys and girls
Celebrity tweets providing encouragement
A guide on what to do next for students
Proud teachers

Scroll through the gallery by clicking the arrow on the right and see if you can find all these things in the media.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

With A-level results out today, every media outlet is covering how well the students have done. And the coverage will be... exactly the same as it is every year.

From twins with matching results (and smiles) to a group of people jumping in that weird legs-kicked-back-and-arms-held-out way, we'll see the full array of tropes, cliches and lazy photo opps. 

To make it more interesting, talkRADIO has drawn up its own list of A-level results regulars. If you catch 'em all, you win... er... nothing, but feel free to do a fistpump and mutter 'bingo' under your breath.

Scroll through the gallery above and see if you can spot each piece of coverage in the news