LGBT fundraisers subjected to 'more than 100 hate incidents whilst working on market stall'

LGBT fundraisers subjected to 'more than 100 hate incidents whilst working on market stall'

The market stall was shut after three hours (Credit: Warwickshire Pride)

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

LGBT fundraisers were allegedly verbally abused several times for three hours whilst working on a stall in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.

It is claimed there were more than 100 incidents of hate targeted at the stall-holders on Saturday (March 10), according to The Coventry Telegraph.

Warwickshire Pride were using the stall in an attempt to raise funds for the charity and also promote its work.

Daniel Browne, the chair of the charity, claimed "over 100 people walked past the stall or approached it and either tutted, gave looks of disgust or made comments."

These allegedly included “that’s disgusting” and “I don’t wanna see that.” It is claimed one person even said they thought being LGBT people are ill, but they can't help having caught it.

Browne added that the alleged incidents were "counted initially but the counting stopped when the total reached 100" and he claimed they took place between "approximately 9am and lasted until around 12pm" when members decided to leave.

The charity has informed Warwickshire Police about the alleged incidents. The force has previously said hate crimes are a high priority.

A spokesperson said: "We have made an appointment to visit the complainant and take a full statement, so that we can begin a thorough investigation. Currently, we are treating the incidents as hate crime."

Police are asking anyone with information or recordings of the alleged abuse to come forward.

Warwickshire Pride has said it will continue campaigning despite finding the market "deeply upsetting and distressing."