LGBT groups slam transgender guide as 'intentionally provocative' and 'deeply misleading'

LGBT groups slam transgender guide as 'intentionally provocative' and 'deeply misleading'

The guide claims activists glamourise being transgender

Thursday, February 15, 2018

LGBT groups have criticised a transgender guide for schools as they claim it includes harmful myths.

The guide was released this week by Transgender Trend, which says it is “concerned about the current trend to diagnose ‘gender non-conforming’ children as transgender."

The guide claims children who don't conform to gender stereotypes will probably accept their physical gender and might identify as gay in later life. A teacher quoted in the guide claims it's “fashionable” to be transgender and "being trans carries so much power."

Stonewall has slammed the guide as a “deeply misleading piece of work” and the director of education and youth claims that, if schools follow the information, they will fail in their duty of care.

Trans youth organisation Gendered Intelligence has also criticised the guide, telling Pink News it limits “young people’s access to information and potentially life-saving support.”

The group also suggested the guide is "intentionally provocative" because "it erases the real, lived experiences of trans youth.”

However Transgender Trend claims the guide has been created to help protect "vulnerable teenagers" against "political ideology."

A spokesperson said the resource is based on "evidence-backed information" and it's been "warmly received by teachers, parents and educational professionals."