Liam Fox: We must give the Prime Minister 'momentum' to go back to Europe

Liam Fox

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The international trade secretary has called on MPs to support an amendment tabled by Sir Graham Brady in tonight's Commons vote, in order to give the Prime Minister "momentum" to go back to Europe and ask for more concessions.

Appearing on the breakfast show, Dr Liam Fox explained that the amendment would replace the controversial backstop clause with "alternative arrangements" to avoid a hard border forming in Ireland.

"The Prime Minister is listening and the government will support this tonight," Dr Fox said.



"It's very important we give the government and the Prime Minister the momentum to go back to Europe and say 'Look, the people of Britain have voted to leave, we can do it in an orderly way if you will compromise with us on this issue'".

The politician added that the current proposal regarding the Irish backstop carried too much risk for some MPs.


'Trap the UK'

Theresa May will take her Brexit 'Plan B' to the House of Commons tonight. Image: Getty

"It could trap the UK in a customs union and however small that risk, there are a large number of MPs unwilling to take that," he said.

"The EU have said they wont open the Withdrawal Agreement again but I would question that. Are we really saying at a time when we've got the French and German economies much more vulnerable before, that the [European] Commission would purposely put us in a position where we could not reach agreement?".

He added: "Voters, whether they voted to leave or remain, just want Parliament to get on with it. They want us to get on with leaving and they want us to do it in an orderly way. It's time for us to vote for something that is deliverable."