Lib Dem leader-in-waiting Vince Cable says he doesn't want another general election

Vince Cable believes the public are sick of elections

Vince Cable struck a conciliatory tone on Paul Ross's show (Wikipedia)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Lib Dem leadership challenger Sir Vince Cable has said he doesn't want another general election and hinted he will try to support Theresa May on Brexit.

Cable, the only candidate for the Lib Dem leadership, spoke to Paul Ross following his comments over the weekend that Brexit might not happen due to the complications and disunity surrounding it.

The MP for Twickenham repeated his concerns to Paul, "I’m not reopening the argument [about whether Brexit is a good thing or not], I'm predicting this is becoming more difficult.

"The issues are so complicated. The economy is drifting, public opinion appears to be shifting, and it suggests to me this just won’t get through."

When asked by Paul if he would support another election, and potentially cash in on Theresa May's weakness, Cable replied "not at the moment. I think the public are fed up with this. We’ve had three votes in the last two years, and I think it’s created more division. 

"The people wont politicians to grow up – running to another general election doesn’t solve any problems."

Cable was then asked whether he would support a position of cross-party unity on Brexit. He said: "I think we’ll have to do that, issue by issue, to identify the problems and work our way through them."

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