Lib Dems and SNP may overrule Boris Johnson’s election date

Boris Johnson seeks a December 12 election

Monday, October 28, 2019

Boris Johnson may be successful in his bid for an early election if the European Union grants a Brexit extension until January 31.

Later today, the Prime Minister is expected to call for a December 12 election, which would require cross-party support under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act.

Labour is yet to show support for a December 12 vote, however the Liberal Democrats and SNP have offered Mr Johnson an alternative.

The two parties have put forward a Bill that would grant an election on December 9 under the condition the EU extends its Brexit deadline by the requested three months.

The draft law, which is scheduled for Tuesday, would require a simple majority of 320 MPs, rather than the two-thirds ‘super majority’ the Prime Minister requires for a snap poll.

This December 9 Bill could likely pass without Labour support. If either attempts were successful it would mark the first December election in almost a century.

On Twitter SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said there was “no evidence” Parliament would support a second referendum and an election coming after the October 31 deadline would embarrass Mr Johnson.

“An election now would instead force him to explain his failure to keep his 31 October 'do or die' promise and also defend his bad deal,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is expected to have a significant presence on October 31 – as a Halloween costume.

A survey found Mr Johnson was the tenth most topical Halloween costume behind the clown from IT and Spider-Man.

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