Lib Dems pledge £50bn for public services if Brexit is stopped

Ms Swinson vowed to 'never stop fighting' for the UK

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to channel £50 billion into public services if they win the general election, claiming they would raise the extra cash by keeping Britain in the EU.

Leader Jo Swinson launched her party’s election campaign in Westminster today, promising to “never stop fighting” for the United Kingdom and adding: “I will not let people wreck it”.

The party has said scrapping Brexit will generate billions – a so-called “remain bonus” – for public finances.

According to them, remaining in the European Union will mean the economy will grow faster than it would if Brexit happened, and will therefore lead to higher GDP.

Ms Swinson said: “Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit and invest that £50 billion in our public services.”

Members pose for  a selfie at the Westminster launch

Lib Dem MP Philip Lee told talkRADIO: “Why waste £50bn over the next five years on Brexit when you could be spending that on social care, health care on investing in young people and early years?”

Luciana Berger, who joined the party after quitting Labour and subsequently Change UK, said the money will secure a “bright future” for the UK, particularly in areas such as education and health.

"We want to stop Brexit because we want to stop the chaos that is preventing us from properly addressing those issues," she told talkRADIO.

Ms Swinson also criticised her opponents at the event, saying she never expected to be standing as a candidate for Prime Minister but is “absolutely certain” she would do a better job than Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

She said Mr Johnson is “modelling himself” on US president Donald Trump, while Mr Corbyn “will not give you a straight answer” on Brexit.

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