Lib Dems vow to ‘completely reform’ Gender Recognition Act

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Jo Swinson has announced the Liberal Democrats’ plans to “completely reform” the Gender Recognition Act if the party gets into power after the general election.

The proposals include scrapping the need for medical reports to identify as a different gender, recognising non-binary genders, requiring schools to introduce gender-neutral uniforms and introducing an “X” gender option on passports.

But talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer criticised the ideas as an “absurdity”.

Julia also criticised the announcement on Twitter

“This is not about looking after trans people’s needs and recognising their right to live the life they want to, this is about trampling on the rights and safety of women and girls,” she put to Lib Dem spokesperson for home affairs Christine Jardine.

Ms Jardine responded saying the current law caused “untold misery” for those going through gender dysphoria.

She compared today’s attitudes towards trans issues to those towards homosexuality 20 years ago.

“We are now at a stage where we can deal with that on a human level, on a reasonable level and allow people to be who they want to be.

“When it comes to the debate on trans issues, on trans rights, we are just beginning to get to grips with it.”

Ms Jardine argued: “Do you honestly think that someone would put themselves through the abuse and misery on a whim?”

Brendan O'Neill for Spiked Online said gender-neutrality had 'gone too far'

Meanwhile, Spiked Online editor Brendan O’Neill said “the cult of gender-neutrality has gone too far” and broadcaster India Willoughby, who is transgender, said the legislation is “fine as it is”.

Some Twitter users praised the move as “pro-equality” with one responding to criticism of the scheme saying: “Principled politicians stand up for the rights of marginalised people even if it’s not popular.”

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