Liberal Democrat peer Anthony Lester quits human rights role over sexual harassment claims

Liberal Democrat peer Anthony Lester resigns as spokesman over sexual harassment

Anthony Lester has stepped down (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Liberal Democrat peer Anthony Lester has resigned from his role as the party's human rights spokesman after being accused of sexual harassment.

The 81-year-old is facing an investigation by the commissioner for standards for the House of Lords, according to Liberal Democrat Voice.

In a list of its ongoing inquiries the commissioner states it is in relation to an “alleged breach of the code in relation to personal honour."

A Lib Dem spokesperson said Lester is also no longer under the party whip, The Guardian reported.

The peer has spoken to The Sun and said he denies the allegations and is planning to “vigorously contest” them.

Lester's spokesperson also said he has "a long and distinguished record as a champion of human rights and sex equality," and "has a right to be treated fairly and under due process."

The spokesman added that he will not participate as a "spokesperson in the Lords" or member "of the Liberal Democrat group in the Lords until this issue is resolved."