Library book is returned 40 years after its due date, with a note to apologise

Library book is returned 40 years after its due date, with a note to apologise

A book was returned to Seattle Public Library 40 years late

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A library book has been returned to Seattle Public Library - 40 years after it was due.

Librarian Kirk Blankenship was sorting out books which had recently been returned to the facility when he noticed Rattlesnakes by J. Frank Dobie, WJLA reported.

He found a note inside the book, which said: "Sorry, I just cleaned by bedroom closet. It was in a box."

Blankenship said: "I noticed the due date card - and just the fact that there's a card at all is remarkable, we haven't used cards for years - and it said June 15, 1976."

He was so surprised that he decided to post a photo of the book on the library's intranet, and the library tweeted the photo over the weekend.


40 year overdue Seattle Public Library book with note, "Sorry I just cleaned my bedroom closet..." Due Date JUN 15, 76

— Seattle Library (@SPLBuzz) January 7, 2017


The librarian added: "I think it says a lot about us and the relationship with the community and the idea that someone found it and didn't just shrug their shoulders and toss it aside."

The library team are not sure whether the person who returned the book is the person who took it out, but the library want to assure that person that they do not owe a fine, as it is not in their system anymore.

The fine for overdue books at the library now is $0.25 a day with a maximum fine of $8. However, if there wasn't a maximum limit, for this book it would now be more than $3,700 (£3,040).