Ligaya Moore identified as victim of Grenfell Tower fire

Ligaya Moore has been identified as a victim of the Grenfell Tower fire

Ligaya Moore has been identified as a victim of the Grenfell Tower fire

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The family of Ligaya Moore have described her as a "jolly, bubbly lady who loves to dance" after she was formally identified as a victim of the Grenfell Tower.

Moore, 78, was confirmed as being among the victims of Grenfell Tower, three and a half months on from the fire at the tower block in west London.

Ligaya's family made the following statement: "43 years ago, Aunt Ligaya, DITE, as we fondly called her, lived her dream - to live and work in London. 

"She endured being away with family - not able to attend her mother's funeral - but in exchange of all the loneliness and homesickness, she met the love of her life, Jim Moore, a British national, had a new family, acquired new friends, and built a new life in London.

"But the dream turned into nightmare on that fateful night of June 14, when the Grenfell Tower was consumed in flames. At this time, she was already living by herself in this building, as her husband has passed away several years back.

"The jolly, bubbly person, the lady who loves to dance and who laughed her heart out, succumbed to a fire which turned her laughter into silence.

"And after four months of waiting, the news of her identification came. And even if my family prepared for the worst, the pain is as painful as the first time we heard that Ligaya was one of the missing.

"But in those four months of waiting for an identification, our family was able to endure the pain because of all the people who were there to assist and help us in that agonizing time - our London family. Firstly the Metropolitan Police Service, in particular our Family Liaison officers Dave and Victoria, the police DVI teams who worked tirelessly to recover Ligaya, and the Coroner's team who under difficult circumstances were able to formally identify Ligaya as a victim of the fire.

"On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the London government; the Metropolitan Police; Dave and Victoria who call us every day even if there are no significant developments, assuring us that they will not stop until all this was put to rest; the Jesus Is Lord family with Pastor Emil and Ate Nenita; Deputy Chief and Consul General Senem Mangalile of The Philipino Embassy in the UK; and Mr Danny Buenafe of ABS-CBN Europe Bureau.

"Without all of your assistance and comfort, our family would not be able to get through this very trying time. Our deepest gratitude to all of you and our thoughts with all those families who find themselves in the same situation as us having lost loved ones. Our prayers are with you."

The family also released a moving poem in Moore's memory.

It read: "Today we lost someone special, someone we loved in so many ways, a person who brought so much joy and happiness each and every day.

"We will forever have our memories to remind us of their love, knowing they are always there watching from up above. Just always know we're here and that our thoughts are with you and should ever your need us we'll be there for you. Our memories will last forever."