Lily Allen Hitler row: Star was foolish in Calais Jungle protest, says former newspaper editor

'The language Lily Allen has used is foolish and rightly criticised', says former newspaper editor

Lily Allen

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The language Lily Allen has used in her migrant crusade is "foolish" but newspapers are also guilty of hypocrisy, according to former tabloid editor Paul Connew.

After the singer was criticised for apologising to a migrant “on behalf of my country”, she has now written an article published by Vice magazine. It compares the UK government to Hitler and Nazis, as she calls for the public to sympathise with the Calais migrant crisis.

Sam Delaney, who recently mounted an impassioned defence of Allen on his show, addressed the issue with Connew, who once edited The Daily Mirror and is now a PR advisor.

Connew said: “Celebrities like anybody else are entitled to express their opinions, but having said that I think some of the language she’s used was very, very foolish and has quite rightly opened her up to a lot of criticism.

“I sympathise with their right for free expression, but if you’re a high-profile celebrity and you want to weigh in to this, you’ve got to be very careful you don’t go way over the top with your language."

However he added: "I do think it's a little bit hypocritical on behalf of the national papers [to criticise her for voicing an opinion] because their own columnists take sides."

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