Lily Allen hits back at 'jealous' Daily Mail after being branded a hypocrite over tenancy dispute

Lily Allen can move in to luxury flat before Christmas after Italian diplomats move out following public dispute

Lily Allen had tweeted about issues with the flat

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Lily Allen has hit back at a report in yesterday's Daily Mail about her dispute with tenants at her North London flat, suggesting the paper had got its facts wrong.

The Mail homed in on a tweet by the singer, in which she complained that tenants at her luxury Notting Hill property were refusing to leave and preventing her from moving back in. She also said the tenants had claimed to be diplomats and ended with the question "who fancies a family of 3 for Xmas?"

The report went on to claim critics had branded Allen a "champagne socialist", before publishing a number of mocking tweets from people using the hashtag #Pray4Lily and asking why Allen was taking in diplomats rather than refugees - despite her previous claim that she would "100%" accept such people into her home.

In response, Allen suggested the Mail had its facts wrong, as the family staying in her house only has one child, not three.

She added that being "the face of a Mail smear campaign" was a "Brexit badge of honour", while retweeting a message which suggested "the Mail are just jealous and upset because they were never featured in 'the fear.'"

The Mail has written its own follow-up story, showing pictures of removal men apparently taken outside Allen's flat, while suggesting that the star could "finally move back into her £2 million luxury flat" as the tenants were leaving.

The Italian family have also expressed their anger at the story. Maria Bilotta and her husband Luca explained how angered they were to be featured in the news over such a matter as they are "not public figures."

Maria said: "No one has any right putting us in the spotlight like that. We're foreigners. We don't want people knowing where we are.


"I'm very sorry I had [Allen] as a landlord because all this has happened. We are leaving."

She added that she was astonished by the behaviour of the singer and called the situation stupid and said "I don't want to make trouble to our embassy."