Lindsay Lohan, Bobby Brown and Beyonce all feature in Jon Holmes' showbiz news

Showbiz news with Jon Holmes: Lindsay Lohan, Chloe Simms and Beyonce

Bless you! Hold the front page, Beyonce has been sneezing on stage

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Who better to give us the lowdown on all the latest showbiz news than the ever-knowledgeable Reece from talkSPORT?

Reece joined Jon Holmes to talk us through all the gossip, covering everything from Lindsay Lohan's pants-flash to Beyonce's latest nasal action. 

Lohan delighted the tabloids with an unfortunate incident when she got out of a car with Kourtney Kardashian recently, revealing her red underwear, while Reece also discussed what he called the "biggest news ever" after Mrs Jay Z sneezed on stage. 

Elsewhere, singer Bobby Brown has claimed he once had sex with a ghost, which left Jon Holmes wondering who, or what, the ghoul was.

Listen to the full review to find out everything you, erm, need to know about the world of showbiz.