Lindsay Lohan 'converts to Islam': Which other stars have embraced the Muslim faith?

Lindsay Lohan could be converting to Islam, but which other celebrities have already converted?

Lindsay Lohan could be converting to Islam

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rumours about Lindsay Lohan's conversion to Islam show no sign of abating, as social media users continue to chew over some rather interesting changes to the actress's instagram account.

Lohan, star of Mean Girls, has deleted all posts form her Instagram account, replacing them with an Arabic message.

In 2015, she was photographed holding a Qu'ran whist doing community work, and the latest revelations suggest to many that she has fully embraced the Muslim faith.

From the hype surrounding the story, which has been trending since yesterday morning, you'd think Lohan was the only celeb to ever convert to Islam. But in fact she's in good company.

Mike Tyson, a former world heavyweight champion, is thought to have converted to Islam whilst spending time in prison.

In 2010 he tweeted: "I just left the Holy City of Mecca where I was blessed to have been able to make Umrah... Inshallah (God willing), Allah will continue to bless me to stay on the straight path."

Tyson, of course, followed in the heavyweight footsteps of Muhammad Ali, the legendary heavyweight boxer. Ali began life as Cassius Clay before converting just days after his stunning victory over Sonny Liston in February 1964, which earned him the World Heavyweight title. Ali claimed that studying black history gave him the idea of converting, as did a visit to a mosque in Miami in 1960.

Elsewhere in the world, French footballer Nicolas Anelka and Pakistani cricket legend Mohammad Yousuf (born Yousuf Youhana) have both embraced the Islamic faith well into their sporting careers. Anelka, one of football's most exciting talents in the late 1990s, might not be the best advert for Islam however, having made unwelcome headlines for his apparent sulkiness on the pitch and use of an incendiary anti-semitic gesture called the Quennelle.

There is widespread speculation that another French football star, Paul Pogba, is Muslim. The Manchester United star, who moved from Juventus for £90 million last summer, has broadcast Islamic messages on his social media account and made financial donations to Mosques, but there is no proof or confirmation that he is a practising member of the Muslim faith.

Turning to a rather lighter form of entertainment, Janet Jackson is believed to have converted after marrying Wissam Al Manna in 2012.

Jackson was once famous for her raunchy dance moves and provocative photo shoots, but the supersta was seen out shopping for children's clothes, wearing a full Islamic dress after announcing her pregnancy in October last year, The Mirror said.

Jackson gave birth to her first child earlier this month, naming him Eissa Al Mana.

Back in 2009 Snoop Dog announced that he had joined the Nation of Islam, which preaches self-reliance for black people within an Islamic framework, the BBC reported.

However, reports later claimed that the rapper then became a Rastafarian, changing his name to Snoop Lion. Although he also came under scrutiny for seemingly not taking the religion seriously. Given most of his songs are about drugs, guns and women, it's not hard to imagine him struggling to embrace a more spiritual existence.

Comedian Dave Chappelle is an open convert, having switched in 1998. In an interview in 2005, he described Islam as a "beautiful thing" and expressed the hope that he was on the way to becoming a "well-balanced person."

Liam Neeson was also once rumoured to be converting to Islam after visiting Istanbul, in an interview with The Sun he said: "The Call to Prayer happens five times a day and for the first week it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit and it's the most beautiful, beautiful thing.

"There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim." However he later told Al Arabiya that he was not converting.