Lindsay Lohan live streams attempt to take homeless family's children on Instagram

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan. Image: Getty

Saturday, September 29, 2018

The actress Lindsay Lohan has filmed herself trying to separate two children from their parents, claiming they were "trafficking children".

The video, broadcast in real-time using the Instagram Live feature, shows Lohan following a homeless family carrying suitcases down the street, offering to put them in a hotel.

“You should not have them [your sons] on the floor, you should be a hard-working woman and you should be doing what you [can] for your children, so they have a better life,” she says in the video.

“If someone is offering them a home and a bed, which is me at the moment, give it to them. They will come back to you."

When the family ignores her, she continues to film and follows them, accusing them of "trafficking children".

"Guys you're going the wrong way, my car's here. Come.


"They're trafficking children"

The woman in the video leads the two children away from Lohan

“Look what’s happening, they’re trafficking children [...]. I won’t leave until I take you. Now I know who you are.

"Don’t f*** with me. Hey kids.

“You’re taking these children, they want to go. I’m with you boys, don’t worry, the whole world is seeing this right now.”

At the end of the video, the woman Lohan is filming appears to turn around and punch her as she nears one of the children.

The video caused concern among fans who had tuned in to the broadcast.

One commenter said: "Oh my gosh this is getting bad".

Another wrote: "Harassing them isn't so nice".