LISTEN Bake Off winner Candice Brown: 'I was just trying to stay on my feet when the result was announced'

Candice Brown was declared winner of Bake Off last night

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The winner of last night's final of the Great British Bake Off has said the "pub bake" was her favourite part of the show and she struggled to stay upright when the result was announced.

Candice Brown, a PE teacher from north London, was declared the winner of the hugely popular show last night.

The PE teacher from north London, who had collected the 'star baker' award more than any other contestant in this year's series, won the show with her final showstopper bake, a medley of delicacies including sausage rolls decorated as pigs, a chocolate orange cake and three-tier pavlova.

Brown spoke to Paul Ross about winning the competition, "I'm not sure it'll ever sink in if I'm honest, I've had to keep very, very quiet, it feels really good to be able to speak about it.

"[When the winner was announced] I was mainly concentrating on not letting my legs give way because they were shaking. It was nice watching it back because I almost don't remember that couple of minutes, I think about it and it just makes me smile so much.

"I think the pub bake was probably best, but I still don't know how I did that because the practices had been horrendous, I think that's probably my favourite."

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