LISTEN: George Galloway clashes with caller who claims Jeremy Corbyn wants to turn Britain into a tax haven

George Galloway ripped into a caller who suggested Jeremy Corbyn wants to turn Britain into a tax haven

Jeremy Corbyn is actually a puppet of the establishment, says caller Mark

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

George Galloway had a furious row with a caller who claimed Jeremy Corbyn wants to turn Britain into a giant tax haven.

Caller Mark said that, despite his left-wing aspirations, Corbyn is in fact a puppet of the establishment and wants to defend Britain's vested interests.

However Galloway, a long-time ally of Corbyn, said the low-tax scenario "could only be in true if the Tories were in power and nobody was opposing them."

Galloway, standing in for Sam Delaney on Drive, also went on an explosive rant about the European Union, saying the bloc is an affront to both human rights and democracy.

On the so-called 'divorce bill', Galloway said "they want to make leaving the EU such an expensive disaster that somehow, out of some stramash, it might be possible to rerun the referendum and all the big, wealthy, powerful interests... can someone bribe us, browbeat us, bully us into changing our mind.

"It's a very risky strategy."

Listen to the clip above.