LISTEN: George Galloway rips into 'jihad' against Jeremy Corbyn

Friday, September 23, 2016

George Galloway ripped into a critic of Jeremy Corbyn on his show and likened the criticism of the Labour leader to a 'jihad.'

Speaking on the eve of Corbyn's re-election as Labour leader, Corbyn had a heated debate with journalist Bobby Friedman, co-writer of Corbyn the Musical

talkRADIO's star presenter had little time for Friedman's comments, saying: "You are the font of all this wisdom but hundreds of thousands of Labour members have just reelected Jeremy Corbyn. Are they all idiots?"

George also defended Corbyn's record as Labour leader, pointing to the string of by-elections won by the party last week.

Turning to the "coup against Corbyn" waged by critics in the media, George asked Friedman: "Did you participate in this kind of jihad to get rid of Miliband?"

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