LISTEN Health select committee chair demands social care rethink

'We must fund social care and the NHS together in order for it to be sustainable', says MP Sarah Wollaston

The government say the NHS in England will receive £10 billion

Monday, October 31, 2016

The chair of the Health Select Committee has told talkRADIO that the Government needs a rethink and an "honest discussion" about the NHS and social care.

Doctor Sarah Wollaston spoke to Julia Hartley-Brewer after the Government has claimed they are allocating an extra £10 billion to NHS in England over the next five years. The committee responded by saying the actual figure was closer to £4.5 million and criticised the Government for giving a "false impression that the NHS is awash with cash."

Dr Wollaston, who is now a Conservative MP, focused specifically on social care in her interview with Julia, saying: "We now need to have an honest discussion about how we fund the NHS and social care together in a sustainable way."

She added that "the impact of having a poor social care provision out there is huge."

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