LISTEN Heathrow expansion will still be blocked, vows campaigner

Campaigners hold a protest against the expansion of Heathrow Airport in October 2016 (Getty)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The expansion of Heathrow airport will be blocked even if the government approves it, according to a prominent campaigner.

Peter Willen, chair of the Richmond Heathrow Campaign, was speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer as news broke that the government was expected to announce the expansion of Heathrow - a decision which was confirmed shortly afterwards.

Willen said he and his fellow activists will continue the fight against Heathrow's expansion for many years, and said "I don't think there's a chance that Heathrow at the end of the day will expand."

Willen said the economic implications of Heathrow's expansion have not been fully discussed, while Julia suggested the people of Richmond - a middle-class suburb of London which lies under Heathrow's flight path but is several miles away from the airport - might not have the best interests of local people at heart.

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