LISTEN Iain Duncan Smith tells Julia: 'People who use Universal Credit absolutely love it'

Friday, October 28, 2016

Former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has told talkRADIO that people who are using the universal credit system "just love it" and claimed the policy "is going to have transformational effect."

Duncan Smith, who resigned from the government in March in a row over disability cuts, reiterated his call for Prime Minister Theresa May to reverse cuts of £3.4m to universal credits, his flagship innovation when he held the work and pensions portfolio.

Defending the policy, Duncan Smith described the existing tax credit system as "unbelievably complex" and claimed that if the new universal system, currently being introduced across the UK, is "rolled out in the right way, an extra 300,000 people will go back to work and be better off.

"Last year they took some of the money out of the allowances and my view is you need to put that back in."

Duncan Smith said he didn't expect a statue for introducing the policy, and dismissed his critics as scare-mongers who are fearful of change.

Listen to the interview above