LISTEN: James Whale blasts UKIP MEP David Coburn for dodging 'fund misuse' questions

LISTEN: James Whale loses his cool with UKIP MEP David Coburn

David Coburn

Friday, November 18, 2016

James Whale launched a furious tirade at UKIP MEP David Coburn after he refused to talk about the party allegedly misusing almost half a million pounds of EU money during the referendum campaign.

Yesterday, a leaked audit from the European Union supposedly revealed that the party broke sprending rules by using taxpayers' cash for its own polling in the 2015 General Election and ahead of the Brexit vote. 

The rules state that funding from the EU is not meant to be used for domestic elections, only for a party's campaigning within the European Union. 

When asked about the funding, the UKIP MEP for Scotland maintained that it was "above his pay grade" and refused to answer - causing James to get very angry indeed.

Listen to the interview above.