LISTEN: James Whale gets very angry with Doctor Sue Onslow during Commonwealth debate

LISTEN: James Whale gets highly annoyed by Doctor Sue Onslow from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies

The Queen is the head of the Commonwealth (Getty)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

James Whale was joined by Dr Sue Onslow, a senior research fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, to discuss the relevance of the Commonwealth - and things soon got very heated.

The talkRADIO presenter wondered whether the Commonwealth represents the last vestige of colonialism in this country, and suggested it contributed little to modern life.

He found Onslow's response of laughter "patronising" and in response she said "I think you could be taking a patronising and outdated look at what the Commonwealth does right now" - which only riled our host further.

James also suggested that the Commonwealth may not be working, as member states don't listen to calls for better human rights and suggested countries that make homosexuality illegal or punishable by death should be removed.

But the researcher believes "It's a lot better to be part of the discussion for promoting change than flouncing off and saying 'we don't agree with you.'"

Listen to the full interview to hear the argument