LISTEN Julia Hartley-Brewer blasts 'embarrassing' Corbyn defender over Fidel Castro stance

Fidel Castro died on November 26, aged 90

Monday, November 28, 2016

Julia Harley-Brewer called left-wing activist Aaron Bastani "embarrassing" in a stormy interview about Fidel Castro this morning.

Bastani, a prominent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, echoed the Labour leader's praise of Castro, the former Cuban leader who died on Saturday. 

Appearing on Julia's mid-morning talkRADIO show, Bastani said Castro's regime had been a "mixed picture" and suggested the extrajudicial killings witnessed in Cuba could be compared with the executions which take place in the US.

However Julia suggested Bastani was "a fool" and said it was terrifying that Corbyn, one of Britain's most high-profile political figures, could attempt to defend a "murderous dictator."

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