LISTEN as Julia tells the SNP's Angus MacNeil 'you only want democracy when it suits you'

Scottish independence supporters seen during the 2014 referendum campaign (Getty)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Julia Hartley-Brewer clashed with SNP MP Angus MacNeil on her show this morning, with our morning host suggesting her guest was less than fully committed to the idea of self-determination.

Discussing the SNP's demand for a second referendum, just two years after the first one, Julia said "I'm a big fan of democracy, people have a right of self-determination... but you don't seem to be a fan of democracy when it doesn't suit you.

"You wanted the Scottish people to have their say in 2014, and they decided not to have independence. Why do you only want people to have self-determination as long as they want exactly the same thing as you?"

The pair also clashed over Iceland, with Julia disputing MacNeil's suggestion that the country has a faster-growing economy than the UK, and our presenter had little truck for the interviewee's claim that Britain has committed "economic harakiri" by voting for Brexit.

Listen to the fiery clash by clicking above