LISTEN Key Muslim cleric defends Halal meat slaughter techniques

'The world's attitude towards meat has become too commercial', says key Muslim cleric

Concerns have been raised over Halal meat (Getty)

Monday, October 24, 2016

A leading Muslim cleric has defend Halal meat slaughter techniques after a damning report by researchers at the University of Bristol.

Journalist and broadcaster Ajmal Masroor said Islamic slaughterhouses are reluctant to stun animals - a key focus of the report - because of a fear that blood will be left in the animal during the process.

Masroor also said "the jury is still out" on the researchers' findings and suggests further study is needed on ways to make the slaughtering process as humane as possible.

He told James Whale: "They're saying stunning of course reduces the pain and we must do everything possible to reduce the pain of the animal, however the impact of consuming blood or any other poisonous aspects of the blood is still a big concern.

"Our attitude, our children's attitude, the world's attitude toward meat has become so commercial, and we don't even realise that these animals were living creatures. I would like to see Muslims and anyone of faith and no faith, give the least amount of pain to the animals and consume less meat for sure."

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