LISTEN An A-level student opens their results on air - and it doesn't go to plan

Sarah said she wanted to go to get three A grades and go to Oxford

Did A-level results day go as planned for this particular student? well...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Jon Holmes popped into the studio this morning and invited a student to open their results live on air. Unfortunately it didn't turn out as planned.

Sarah and her dad Michael generously allowed Jon's roving reporter to open the results letter for them. Sarah admitted that she was hugely nervous about the results (which makes you wonder why she let someone else open them, live on national radio) but she said she was quietly confident nonetheless.

Over recent months, Sarah admitted her life had been a constant cycle of "eat, sleep, revision" and nothing had been allowed to get in the way of her studies.

However, when the envelope was opened, the interview took a rather unexpected turn.

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