LISTEN MP Kwasi Kwarteng says Theresa May will solve Heathrow issue - unlike 'hypocrite' David Cameron

'Theresa May is not afraid to make a decision on Heathrow expansion', despite putting off a vote until next year

The vote on the Heathrow expansion will not be taken until next year (Getty)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

MP Kwasi Kwarteng has said David Cameron was a hypocrite on the subject of Heathrow expansion, but suggested Theresa May has the conviction to end years of uncertainty on the issue.

The Spelthorne MP suggested Cameron had reneged on a promise made in 2009, a year before he became Prime Minister, that there would be no third runway at Heathrow.

However Kwarteng told James Whale that Cameron's successor, Theresa May, was far from the 'ditherer' portrayed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

"We've got to make a decision, we've been dithering about this for 15 years," he revealed. “I think [Mrs May is] very strong and what’s happened in the last three or four months have shown that. She’s not afraid to make decision, and I think she will make one.

"I think the government will have some sort of steer plans next week, and then it has been suggested there will be a vote next year, and I'm very hopeful there will be a resolution to this, because obviously what residents don't appreciate is uncertainty."

There was also a dispute when our presenter struggled to pronounce Kwarteng's name.

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