LISTEN There's no way back from Brexit vote, vows Leave campaigner Bernard Jenkin

'The government should keep its Brexit negotiations confidential', says MP Bernard Jenkin

The High Court has ruled Article 50 can be triggered without Parliament's consent (Getty)

Monday, October 17, 2016

MP and Leave campaigner Bernard Jenkin has said there's no such thing as a soft Brexit and those trying to argue a way out of the secession process are wasting their time.

Jenkin, who played a key role in the Vote Leave campaign, also told Sam Delaney the government should not reveal all its plans for Brexit and the severance process to happen quickly, according to Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin. 

The High Court has ruled consent from Parliament is not required for the government to trigger Article 50. Meanwhile, reports have claimed Phillip Hammond was trying to slow down Brexit, however Downing Street has claimed Theresa May has full confidence in the chancellor. 

Jenkin, the MP for Harwich and North Essex Jenkin, told Sam: "It's entirely right that the government should keep its negotiating hand reasonably confidential, but it should of course set out the principles of what it's going to do when it's decided what to do. 

"What you call a hard Brexit I just call Brexit, people are calling it hard Brexit because they want to make it sound as though there’s some kind of soft option. The biggest problem we've got at the moment is the uncertainty caused by the referendum, we should want to get that over as quickly as possible, we need a simple withdrawal agreement.

"This idea you can’t trade with the EU unless you’re in the single market is just one of those a big lies. I hope this can be done much more quickly than the two and a half years that people are talking about, because it's the time it's going to take which is undermining people's confidence."

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