LISTEN UKIP donor Arron Banks defends Donald Trump over 'p***y' sexism storm

Donald Trump seen speaking during the second US presidential debate (Getty)

Monday, October 10, 2016

UKIP donor Arron Banks has leapt to the defence of Donald Trump over his 'p***y' remarks.

Trump has received a firestorm of criticism over remarks which came to light last week, in which he said he grabbed women by their genitalia.

However Banks echoed Trump's view that this was nothing more than "locker-room talk."

"Obviously when men get together, and [the man with Trump when the remarks were made] was a friend, we say these things," Banks said.

"[Personally] I've never actually talked about assaulting women, but I think men talk big. Men say all sorts of things." 

Banks also suggested that the remarks men make in male company are far different from those made when surrounded by women, and added that if George Clooney had made the remarks rather than Trump, we might be more forgiving.

Listen to the explosive audio by clicking on the link.