LISTEN Vladimir Putin thinks we're weak and effeminate, says former Rear Admiral Chris Parry

'Vladimir Putin likes flexing his muscles' - Former rear admiral highlights how the west needs a 'framework' to confront Russia

Vladimir Putin

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A former rear admiral has insisted the West needs to unite and confront Russia to stop their continued bombings of Aleppo, and suggested Vladimir Putin and his ministers view Western powers as "effeminate" and unthreatening.

Mr Putin recently sanctioned a fleet of warships to travel to Syria to assist the Russian military who continue to drop bombs on Isis and other military targets. The ships have entered the Mediterranean and Moscow initially wanted them to refuel at the Spanish port of Ceuta in Morocco, before withdrawing the request.

In the meantime, Britain has sent tanks and forces to the Russian border of Estonia, while the US plans to send tanks and artillery to Poland, in NATO's biggest military build-up on Russia's borders since the Cold War.

Former Rear Admiral Chris Parry suggested that the reaction to the Russian warships and the on-going offensive in Syria is the West saying "enough is enough", but suggested Western powers need "a framework" to take on Mr Putin.

Parry said the Russians think the West is "effeminate and weak", and the is being an example of Putin "flexing his muscles" against them.

Listen to the interview above.