LISTEN West Ham and Chelsea fans compare London Stadium chaos to Hillsborough

West Ham and Chelsea supporters clash at the London Stadium

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fans who witnessed last night's violence at the London Stadium have recounted their experiences to our sister station talkSPORT, with one fan comparing the chaos to Hillsborough.

The stadium witnessed sustained outbreaks of fighting between West Ham and Chelsea fans at last night's League Cup tie, with coins and bottles thrown and seats ripped up. The violence brought further unwelcome publicity upon West Ham, whose games have been blighted by regular violence since they moved to the former Olympic Stadium in the summer.

One fan, a West Ham supporter, described the policing as "very disorganised" and "chaotic," adding: "You didn't feel safe always, you're going down little alleyways or they're funnelling you here and there without proper control.

"You think 'hang on, this is a Hillsborough nonsense.'"

Another fan, who supports Chelsea and went to the game last night, said "you could see parents and childen trying to get out of the way" in an attempt to avoid the fighting.

He added that the police completely failed to control the situation, suggesting "it felt like the police were saying 'see you later'" rather than offering any guidance.

Listen to the fan testimonies by clicking here.