'A little branch falling off a magic money tree' as UK keeps EU budget contribution, says Conservative MP

'A branch of the magic money tree is falling off as UK saves EU budget contribution', says Conservative MP

A deal has been signed between the Conservatives and DUP

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Conservative MP says the money the UK will not have to contribute to the EU every year is like a “little branch falling off a magic money tree”.

Bernard Jenkin, who represents Harwich and North Essex, was talking to Paul Ross about the £1 billion deal agreed by the Tories and the Democratic Unionist Party. 

The money will be given to Northern Ireland over the next two years and effectively buys the support of the ten DUP MPs for Theresa May's minority government.

"This is a down payment on leaving the EU,” said Mr Jenkin. "When we leave the EU we will have much more money to spend on all parts of the UK.

"Securing a majority in Parliament to continue with the process of leaving the EU is going to be worth a great deal of money to the whole of the United Kingdom.

"There is one little branch falling off a magic money tree – and that is we will no longer have to make our contributions into the European Union budget every year."

He added that those from Labour who have criticised the deal are hypocrites as "the Labour party had the same kind of conversations with the DUP and the SNP".

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