Liverpool police find £1.3 million cannabis farm housed in 'ticking time-bomb'

A picture of the cannabis farm (Merseyside Police)

A picture of the cannabis farm (Merseyside Police)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Merseyside Police have discovered a huge cannabis farm worth around £1.3 million in what officers described as a "ticking time bomb."

Officers were called to a residential property in the Liverpool suburb of Gateacre at around 6pm on Saturday evening (January 20, 2018), to reports of a large number of cannabis plants being grown at the property.

A specialist cannabis dismantling team provided by Merseyside Police quickly attended the scene, remaining at the property overnight to ensure the premises was safe.

A warrant to search the property was obtained and 348 plants covering all three floors of the terraced house were recovered.

All plants and growing equipment were seized. The electric supply was also found to be have been abstracted.

Sergeant Gary Sorrell from the CDT said: "This is a great result, showing the true scale of what some criminal groups are capable of.

“The sheer quantity of the plants was rather substantial and I’m glad that the potential of this drug being sold on our streets has been significantly reduced.

“The property itself was a ticking time-bomb in terms of electrics. The growing equipment and wiring were some of the worst I’ve ever seen, which is a huge fire risk for neighbouring properties. It really was lucky we were called when we were.

“I hope that by identifying cannabis farms like this one demonstrates that we’ll continue to take away the risk they bring to our communities and bring criminals growing and selling the product to justice.  

“We continue to advise people that if they suspect suspicious activity to please get in touch.”