Living with the refugees: 'We're not sharing a burden, we're sharing a responsibility'

Sophia Duckor-Jones on her experience with child refugees in Greece

Entire families live in tents as Europe's refugee crisis rumbles on

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Children who have seen their parents murdered in front of them. Entire families living in tents. Insufficient water. Outbreaks of disease. Love, hope and compassion. 

Freelance journalist Sophia Duckor-Jones spoke with talkRADIO's Jonny Gould and his brother Ash about her heartbreaking and uplifting experiences volunteering at the Ritsona refugee camp in Greece. 

"We have to treat these people like human beings," she said. "We have to give them a chance. 

"It's not about [western countries] sharing the burden, it's about sharing a responsibility." 

Listen to Sophia Duckor-Jones' experiences above